We’ve created an app that will change the way you shop. Share your unique style with the world!

**Special Notification**: Currently our developers are uploading products from your favorite stores and making minor changes. We have decided “NOT” to allow our Influencers to sign-up for the SlideBuy mobile app until these stores are available to our users. However, you can REGISTER for the private launch event and we will send you out a separate email notifying you that you need to sign-up for the SlideBuy mobile app using the referral code provided. Any Reference to “Stock Options” on this website, any videos attached to this website, or any promotional materials attached to this website or any other website means “LLC units”.

This will be a Pre-Sign-Up. This means that you will be signing up for the app just prior to the release of several features we wanted to include with the release of our MVP. This is what we expect from our Influencers. Our Influencers that finish the requirements are salesmen in the company that later become owners. This means we all are working together and rooting for the success for the company. The more successful the company, the more successful we become.

What does it mean to be an Influencer with Slidebuy?

We are looking for the first 3,000 users to sign-up 100 followers each to the most anticipated and innovative shopping app to date!